4 Seasons of a year.
Things to consider to get an all round interest during the seasons.
Use the different seasons to add colour to your garden & green space.
Viburnum, Azaleas and Camellias for winter flowering, herbaceous perennials in the early & late summer, and there are lots of shrubs that will give your garden a lovely display of colour in spring.
It is very achievable to have some flowering all year round.
Leaf colour change can also make a superb splash in the Spring as they re appear all fresh, vibrant and crispy new. Autumn shows off with reds, yellows and browns, full of soft & warmth.
Consider plants with perfume so that your sense of smell is tickled & teased with a scent still raw.  Wisteria, Gardenias, Sarcococca, Viburnum, Jasmine & Roses to name a few..