Pre Frost Plant Care

Pre Frost Plant Care

Pre frost plant care is vital if your tender plants are to make it through the British winter unscathed. Keeping your plants at the right temperature and protecting them from frost is very important but need not be difficult. With a little planning and preparation and some extra care and attention, before the first frosts of Winter appear, you’ll be able to keep your garden cosy and colourful throughout the cold months ahead.
Pre frost plant care is much the same as getting ourselves ready for Winter! It can be as simple as shelter may provide enough protection to your plant. Here are some easy tips that you can try.

Do it at the right time

Pre frost plant care starts in the Autumn. If you want to protect your plants throughout the winter, you have to get ready before the arrival of the season. If you are trying to protect the plant when winter is already on your doorstep it may be too late and your plants may not survive.

Wrap up warm

It’s important to protect your plants from the elements and harsh effects of winter. Wrapping them up will help to keep your plants safe from the direct threats of frost and drying wind. Wrap them with ……………………………………….or straw…………….

Re-plant into pots

Re-potting tender plants allows you to move them to a safe place where they will not be affected by the cold weather.

Keep them indoors

Moving them into a sunny spot in a conservatory or onto a window sill will brighten up the house too adding some extra grace to your room, making it more beautiful this winter!