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 Welcome to the first post on my new website online blog where I will be giving you really useful advice on what to do in the garden with plenty of ideas on plants that can offer you that all important seasonal interest in the coming months. Nothing stops in the world of gardening or your garden!
Even in the winter months, some time can be spent prepping and organizing for the burst of action in the spring. Re thinking parts of the the garden that you may feel could have some extra TLC. Autumn is a great time to be transplanting and splitting your perennials to make more plants for next year. It allows the roots to establish & settle in, less of a battle with next spring/summer when the plants will be thirsty and also trying to do their utmost to perform! A better root system = stronger plant.
The garden never truly goes dormant, in the winter months the plants re stock, all action goes on beneath the soil, replenishing and nurturing. Roots take up the nutrients and store them in the roots and stems, stimulating vigorous growth next spring.
Do ask me if you would like me to cover any ideas on plant schemes, a problem thuggish weed or perennial, or when and how to prune a shrub that has dominated a border, and my first post will be ‘What to do with your idea, or question…very soon…’