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Instantly create a spectacular wild flower meadow in your garden with pre-grown Wildflower turf.

Wildflower turf enables you to create a beautiful looking habitat that will further enhance the existing biodiversity and support birds, mammals, invertebrates and for an array of pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies, further improving & enhancing the biodiversity in gardens, landscaping projects, parks and open spaces.

It is a key objective for many clients and businesses due to its capacity to create a variety of colours, shapes and smells providing an interesting display throughout spring, summer and autumn.

Wildflower Turf in Leicester from GreenSpace garden design.
Wildflower Turf creates an instant low maintenance wildflower area.

Greenspace garden design is an approved supplier and installer of Wildflower Turf and Wildflower Earth™

Wildflower Turf is extremely low maintenance and effective whilst acquiring your perfect wildflower meadow™ and is a great alternative for a very low maintenance creative solution for spring, summer and into autumn interest.


Wildflower Turf in Leicester from GreenSpace garden design.

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A Wildflower Meadow design heightens your garden or landscape projects.

A wildflower meadow can be installed as a border or backdrop in your garden or landscape project, whether it be in your existing lawn or to enhance a larger area such as a woodland edge or a open wasteland area, to replace a border or a disused paving space in your urban garden.

Wildflower turf can offer a contrast between the formal and informal, it is drought tolerant and requires low nutrients, so a wildflower meadow will flourish on the most barren land whilst also being a significant contributor to the environment through its naturalizing aesthetic qualities and ecological benefits.

Wildflower Turf in Leicester from GreenSpace garden design.

Spring and Autumn Bulbs can be planted underneath the turf when installing for added colours to further extend the flowering season.

Your wildflower meadow only requires one mow a year, usually in Autumn, acts as weed prevention, & is virtually impossible for weeds to penetrate through.

Wildflower Turf in Leicester from GreenSpace garden design.

Lucy and her team have undertaken our garden maintenance and intermittent plant & border design and development projects for 3 years with great success.

The quality of work has always been of an excellent standard and with fast, knowledge and efficient delivery.

In conclusion, we have always found Lucy to be prompt in response to our requests,  have always undertaken regular contracted work as required, and we have never had reason to look for another garden expert.

We have no hesitation in recommending her.

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